There are many ways for helping us with the presentation and promotion of Persian writers in the world. From a single donation to a lifetime as a Patron or Sponsor, you can support the NGPW team and enjoy the promotion of contemporary Persian literature all over the world.

Make a Donation

Our supporters are both the Iranian literati and global readers or professionals who share our vision for bringing Persian fiction to global attention. Your gift will make a difference.

Get Involved

You are NGPW’s colleague or contributor when

  • You are an under-forty Persian writer and want us to present your works;
  • You are a publisher of under-forty writers’ fiction and grant us the right of translation and overseas publication;
  • You are a translator and want to translate Persian fiction to other languages;
  • You are an experienced reader, publisher, scouter, presenter or literary agent with an interest in literature from Iran;

Trusts and Foundations

The New Generation Persian Writers will be grateful for the support of any charitable trusts or international foundations interested in making contemporary Persian literature available in other languages. Their vital contributions will definitely have an impact across all areas of our work, and make it possible for us to take further steps towards realization of our goals. We have a range of projects in need of funding, with many opportunities for trusts and foundations to help us ensure superior literary works get a chance to reach global readers.Current projects include raising funds for a new dedicated programme of activity fortalented under-forty Persian writers, helping us to present and publish their works in other languages, and a translation fund for qualified translators.

For queries and proposals, please contact us.